Tyler Parkinson

Tyler is half Wookiee and half art nerd with an unhealthy obsession for everything orange. If you can catch him in-between naps he’ll usually be sketching, reading books, ordering books, reading books about ordering books, or chasing after frisbees with dog-like enthusiasm. You can check out more of Tylers work at

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We are a small Indie Game Development Studio from central Ohio.  We were founded in 2013 by the Parkinson brothers; Chris and Tyler. 


Our games tend to pull from the classics while pushing the limits of todays technology. Our project for 2017 is a very ambitious Steam / console game called Light Knight. 

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Chris Parkinson

Co-Founder and lead developer at Few Remain, Chris has armed himself with a ridiculous amount of knowledge regarding game programming. He is a mega fan of mega man and disarming code based logic bombs. While away from his keyboard he enjoys spending time with his family, Crossfit and Olympic Weightlifting, and of course playing video games.



We are constantly ideating on new concepts for awesome games. Some of the features we are passionate about include local co-operative games, 2-D hand-painted HD graphics, platformers, and games with random outcomes and spontaneous situations. 


Our projects range from promotional work, to PC and console based games. We work primarily in Unity3D and although we are very passionate about gaming with controllers in our hands, we also dabble in mobile games, and Augmented Reality Apps.


Wind Lancers is a mobile project inspired by how much fun we had playing "Joust". The game is co-op with a competitive and adventure mode with unlockable mounts and riders. 


There are plenty of enemies for wave based combat and very simple button based controls that enable players to either "flap" or "attack". Different characters and mounts will have different weights and speeds so you can choose which character works best for you.


light knight(2014)

Light Knight was our first genuine attempt at creating our own IP. We presented a pretty cool demo at a Game Developer Expo in 2014. Players took on the role of "Sir Grey"; an aging knight fighting to restore light to the kingdom. It featured dynamic lighting, hidden treasure, and smart enemies. Unfortunately we took on additional projects and Light Knight never became a reality...


herd of heroes

Herd of Heroes was our initial venture into the world of gaming. We completed the project for Smiths Dairy in 2013. We re-coded the game in Unity in 2014.


The game is a mobile platformer that allows the use of touch controls. There five different hero cows to choose from, each with their own special abilities and powers. 


Can you chase down Dr. Fizz and re-claim all of the stolen milk?


slashed 2 bits

Slashed 2 Bits is a prototype built in collaboration with the very talented Dustin Foust ( 

Slashed 2 Bits is an "endless climber" where you choose from several characters inspired by old slasher films. As players navigate the buildings they will hunt down and eliminate the pesky teenagers than inhabit it. Look out for the SWAT team though! They will march through the building faster and faster if you are detected and send you back to hell.

With a fun retro style and great theme, this is a prototype that will be revisited and turned into a full release on iOS and Android.


LIGht knight

It's back! We revisited the Light Knight project after a long hiatus. We will be premiered our pre-Alpha demo in October 2017 at GDEX in Columbus, Ohio and won the award for "Best Art". The game features beautifully illustrated 2-D artwork and animation, a unique dynamic lighting solution, and sweet couch co-op action.

We hope to complete the demo very soon and after just a little more polish, release it to the public to try out before ambitiously pursuing a full version that matches our original vision.





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