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October 11, 2012





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Herd of Heroes

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Few Remain is an Ohio based game studio founded by Chris and Tyler Parkinson. Thier games have a focus on unique mechanics and beautiful 2-D artwork.


Early History

Few Remain was founded in 2012 by Chris and Tyler Parkinson. They teamed up to fund and produce a game called ‘Mars Needs Milk’. In an attempt to create this game, they partnered with Smith’s Dairy Company. Although Smith’s was very interested in Mars Needs Milk, the team instead decided that a custom option would be better suited to them. This resulted in the development of a mobile platform game called ‘Herd of Heroes’. The game helped develop the skills necessary to build games and produced funding to purchase some of the resources needed to work on more advanced and personal titles.


Herd of Heroes

After the initial concept work was created for Mars Needs Milk, Few Remain began looking for funding in the form of a partner that would be relevant for the concept. The game had a big emphasis on milk and because of that, the team started reaching out to local and national dairy companies. A meeting was set up with Smith’s Dairy in Orrville, Ohio and they asked to purchase the game. After much discussion, Few Remain decided that a custom game would be more appropriate and they created three very different mobile optimized concepts. Smith’s and Few Remain decided to team up to create a game about superhero versions of their mascot cows. The game was developed in just under three months and included completely custom components. Herd of Heroes gave Smith’s a global presence and created a direct way to market to their customers. The hero cow characters created by Few Remain appeared on Smith’s Dairy products and graced the sides of their giant semi-truck trailers. The game continues to accumulate downloads, enough to justify introducing a ‘freemium’ version that was redeveloped from the ground up.



After Herd of Heroes, Few Remain has moved on to the original strategy of creating unique games with amazing artwork. Development on Light Knight soon began. Starting as a concept for a mobile game that would be developed in less that 30 days, the project soon became much grander in scope and switched to a more advanced platform for PC and console release. Few Remain continues development on Light Knight with a trailer and alpha version currently in production. They have also recently expanded their team to include a group of talented local musicians from a group called ‘Dread Engine’ as well as adding several additional artist. Few Remain showcased their game at the Ohio Game Developer Expo and gave central Ohioans the first chance to play a version of Light Knight and test the core mechanics.



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Tyler Parkinson’s Illustrations

Personal site for Tyler’s work available at typkdesign.com


Team and Repeating Collaborators


Chris Parkinson

Founder/Developer, Few Remain


Tyler Parkinson

Founder/Artist, Few Remain


Sam Stockdale

Music, Dread Engine


Jesse Freeman

Music, Dread Engine


Mark Fitzpatrick

3-D Artist, Freelancer

















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